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Addis Ababa University

Addis Ababa Institute of Technology

"Technology should be about making the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elgant."

Engineering in the New year, 2006 E.C

The year that marked the end of our time in AAiT is finally over. We are suited and booted as engineers , ready to bring change to the construction industry and the country. I know that seemed like a giant, boastful statement. But sometimes we all need those BHAGs (big hairy audacious goals). Microsoft wanted to put a computer in every household. what is to stop us to atleast change an old trend in an industry that is young and full of faults. Five years ago when we were admitted into the then technology faculty, our number was the first indicator for us being different.

It used to be quite different in the past, engineers used to graduate from technology faculty in numbers that are pretty low when compared to ours. Most claimed there to be a compromise in quality, and honestly the challenges were there. But its also true that we excelled above our problems, came to see a new day as engineers.

As we are on the year that marks our first attempts to become professional engineers, we should all really pay great attention to this period, for everything that we decide to do at this time will probably determine what we will end up doing for the better part of our lives.

What is to be done in 2006? For Civil Engineers

When it comes to introducing new technologies to the Ethiopian construction industry, it is believed that each and every one of us is required to take part and execute our parts efficiently. We are graduate engineers, basically we are only equipped with knowledge acquired in the university. Its expected from us to craft ourselves into the engineers of tomorrow, it is evident that the industry is dynamic, changing everyday into a realm that is new and unexplored ergo we should, as junior engineers do what we have to do to become the best at our profession.

First class technologies.

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